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OmsiUK Mods Resource

Tired of the hassle with UK OMSI 2 maps and buses? No problem. Free UK content downloads, pre-packed and ready to copy & paste into your OMSI 2 installation.

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Why does this website exist?
We created this site to make it simpler to download and install UK Omsi 2 mods. Most UK mods are now hosted on FellowsFilm, an excellent resource. However, for those unable to create a user account, it is impossible to download mods they host. Most mods also have dependencies which you must download yourself. The problem is most of those dependencies are hosted elsewhere, unavailable, or installation of the dependencies is just not clear.

We offer our users free OMSI 2 mod downloads that are repackaged by us, ready to drag and drop into your OMSI 2 installation folder. All of our downloads are checked by us against a clean installation of OMSI 2.

We don't claim credit for any of the OMSI 2 mods.
What do you include in the downloads?
Most of our downloads, such as maps and buses, include only the original files from the original author and a read me file indiciating what we've done to make sure they work right away. We may offer some downloads with fixes pre-installed (such as converting some Hong Kong buses to UK) and we may offer packs of content such as bus/map packs. We don't include any executable files, and we don't include anything that will interfere with your OMSI 2 installation.
Why isn't X available on your website?
If we've missed a bus or a map, let us know! Some maps/buses are difficult to track down, if you have a link to the files or even the files themselves, let us know and we'll do our best to add it to the site.
How do I contact the website admin?
OmsiWorld controls this website, please email [email protected].
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