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OmsiUK File Hosting

Tired of the hassle with UK OMSI 2 maps and buses? No problem. Free UK content downloads, pre-packed and ready to copy & paste into your OMSI 2 installation.

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OMSI File Hosting Service
Due to popular demand by mod authors and requests for people to host their content, we are now happy to offer a totally free service to any mod creators out there. Unlike other services and mod hosting websites, we do not place advertisements or monteize your links in any way. This is a totally free service, for the community, by the community.

OMSIUK has powerful and fast CDN based download servers which can provide downloads at fast speeds all over the world. We can host your files which you can link to from your own websites/communities.

We support password protected downloads and token based downloads.
How does it work?
You supply us with your mod files and we'll upload them and provide you with dedicated links. Your links are not shared publicly on our website, and you are free to share them with whoever you wish. There's no download limit or size limit, we can accomodate any mod that you wish to provide to your target audience.

If you wish to remove your files from our server(s), you can do that by emailing us. You are in total control of your files, we simply provide the tools and network to serve files to your audience.
How do I send my files to you?
First of all we need to go over several conditions of our hosting service. This service is totally separate from our mod repacks and content found on the OMSIUK main website, we will not be using your content on our website for our guests or members.
  1. You must be the owner and have the right to upload the mod files to OMSIUK.
  2. The files must be for OMSI/OMSI 2/Lotus-Simulator
  3. All content must be legal.
  4. OMSIUK has the final say on whether your file is suitable for our service.
If your file conforms to the above conditions, then we will be happy to look into hosting your files. Firstly, upload your files to a service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Do not upload to a private server, we will not mirror your files from a private server to protect our origin IP addresses. Send us the link to your file and we'll mirror it onto our download servers. For any special requirements, please discuss that with us.

Submit file links and information to the following email:
[email protected]
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