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Lincolnshire is a flat, rural county in the East Midlands of England. Your depot is in Gainsborough, a small market town, located in rural Lincolnshire, some 15 miles north of the county capital - Lincoln. Public transport in these areas is sparse, compared to other, more densely populated towns and cities in the UK. Making profitable and regular public transport here is a real challenge!

The main operator here in real life is Stagecoach East Midlands - who operate 2 town routes, the 1 and 2, which (pre-covid) each operated every hour, as well as a handful of more rural services to Retford and Doncaster - as well as "Interconnect 100", between Lincoln and Scunthorpe - All of which operate hourly at best.

In OMSI, the network has been somewhat enhanced to make things more varied and busier, whilst trying to keep that rural vibe. The operator is "Lincolnshire Roadcar", who operated almost all services in Gainsborough and beyond until they were taken over by Stagecoach, as part of the acquisition of the Yorkshire Traction group in 2005.

Lincolnshire v0.9, builds on the existing Gainsborough Phase 3 map, and see's the completion of Interconnect route 100 along its full length from Lincoln to Scunthorpe, via Gainsborough - one of the longest UK routes for OMSI at 1h 40 minutes, as well as minor tweaks to existing areas.

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