Privacy Policy

This website does not purposely try to track your actions or store your information. The following information may be passed to us and temporarily stored.

  • 1: Your IP address when you download a file from one of our download servers.
    To prevent download server abuse (because we don't rate limit), we generate unique file links for each download request which expire after a set time. Your IP address is temporarily stored along with the request until the file link expires.

  • 2: A unique but random identifier to keep track of your favourite files.
    Because we do not allow users to login, to keep track of files you like (by favouriting them), we store a cookie on your browser which is sent to our server everytime you request your favourite files. Although this identifer is often unique to a user, we do not store any other data with these keys therefore simply clearing your cookies/session storage will generate a new key. These keys cannot be tied to a specific user of the site. If you're not willing to let us know whether you're a Volvo fan or an Alexander Dennis fan, avoid using the favourites feature.

  • 3: The usual stuff all web servers receive.
    Access logs to the web server are temporarily stored. We don't tie this information to any specific user nor do we use the data for anything.


  • As explained above, we store a local unique identifier that is sent to us every time you request your favourites list. It contains nothing but your key and the ID of the file you favourited.


  • We make use of analytics on our sites because we like to see how they're being used and where our users are coming from. When you first access this website you'll be told about cookies. To make it really easy for you, if you don't accept the use of cookies, analytics and local storage will not be enabled but this may result in some site features being disabled.

    Using an adblocker may prevent analytics from working but should not prevent other site functionality such as our favourites system from working. All analytical data is hosted on our own private servers and is not shared with any third parties.

In short...

In short, we don't actually care who you are, we just want to know how our website is being used so we can improve it for your benefit. Modern adblockers and privacy extensions will prevent most websites including this one from tracking your activity, no major functionality will be lost from our website if you choose to use such a thing, in-fact we encourage it.