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Tired of the hassle with UK OMSI 2 maps and buses? No problem. Free UK content downloads, pre-packed and ready to copy & paste into your OMSI 2 installation.

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The South London Project | Map | Ready to Download
The South London Project was released to those who donated to TSLP map. Original links are unavailable.
Important File Info
This file has been updated by a site admin. If you encounter any issues with the mod, please contact us.
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Total size: 823mb (compressed) / 2.13gb (uncompressed)
Tested by: OMSIUK (Steam retail version)

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Tahmid on 12/14/2019 19:39
How do you open game once downloaded?
Harley on 12/12/2019 15:07
you are the best
busboyharv on 11/04/2019 16:03
Dani : press load maps without busses and it should appear as an optionrn
Dani on 10/16/2019 22:20
Not showing up for me
mspencer90 on 09/25/2019 18:43
Patriot (site admin)  on 09/11/2019 21:29
Hi Aidan, last time I tried this map myself I had no issues. If you have an issue, post here what is happening or send me an email - [email protected]
Aidan on 09/11/2019 16:43
it dosent work
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