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Yorkshire Counties 2.0 | Map | Ready to Download
"Welcome to Yorkshire Counties, a Fictional Map based on the UK area of Yorkshire. With tight roads and an even tighter Timetable this map will challenge even the most experienced OMSI Driver.

The map gives Drivers the challenge of assessing corners before navigating them designed to simulate real life challenges surrounding UK Roads. Throughout the map Drivers can experience Towns, Villages and Country Lanes as well as Ingleborough Sea Front & The New Peak District.

There is also a NEW Rail Replacement service on the map that you are able to drive and stops at the maps train stations with a non stop service in between."
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Total size: 2.73gb(compressed) / 5.56gb (uncompressed)
Tested by: OMSIUK (Steam retail version)

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micky on 12/05/2019 15:39
may i ask where the depot is i can't find it and can only find a few that i have installed but not for this one
Admin (site admin)  on 10/01/2019 04:46
All our downloads SHOULD work right away, no additional downloads you just need to download the single file from our site. rn
Potter on 09/10/2019 05:03
does it work or do I have to download more?
Eagle (site admin)  on 09/09/2019 19:31
Great map, easily packaged for simple installation.
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